I love to solve the problems of our partners with my team using modern technology. Each case is unique, and it should be treated like one. The last 14 years we have delivered more than 400 solutions to more than 250 partners. In order to see if you are a good fit answer the below questions:

  • Do you want to build a strong brand name and image?

  • Do you struggle and need solutions?

  • Do you want to expand your Business?

  • Do you want to increase your income in your business?

  • Do you want to increase your clients?

If your answer to one of above is Yes, then you are on the right place!

You are not just a client! You are our partner!
AND our partners receive step by step guidance all the way to their digital success.

We create and optimize web solutions that matter. To accomplish this, we focus on your needs and we create a plan to achieve your business goals faster in response with other methods online.

Our strategy is simple! Your Success is our Success!

Building successful brands is our expertise, so your success is a win/win situation and my mission at the same time. Let us sit together and build your Digital Brand Image. Then we will use it to build the strategy to get you Exposure on the Internet and help you expand your Business and multiply your income. Within 6 months you will start seeing measurable results in terms of branding, customers and income increase.


  • Kypros is a client oriented manager who values business relationships and keeps in line with strategic objectives. He always honours agreements and makes the best out of them.
    Andreas Diamantides
    REDWOLF DIGITAL GROUP - Commercial Director
  • Kypros is a true professional with extensive knowledge on the advertising and marketing field. He can take any project and turn it into success because he puts his knowledge and enthusiasm into anything that he does.
    Adonis Anastasiou
    Adonis Business Academy - Managing Director
  • Kypros is an expert in digital consulting and an excellent problem solver. He can find a solution to every problem you may have, that being either on the marketing or web development field.
    Petros Achilleos
    Holiway Investments ltd - Head of Dealing
  • I have worked with Kypros on several projects while i was employed at CL8.com. We had several challenging/demanding projects which we jointly worked on with Kypros. He has managed to always deliver on time and copes very well under pressure. Kypros would be an asset to any company he works for.
    Thomas Hoplaros
    Cablenet Communication Systems Ltd - Sales and Business Development Manager
  • Kypros is passionate with his work and that shows in the result.
    Kyriakos Parpounas
    Green Dot (Cyprus) - General Manager
  • Kypros possesses both technical and business consulting knowledge, making him the ideal person to manage projects and deal directly with the client. He is also methodical and knows how to get organized to get the job done.
    Simos Symeou
    GT Group - Chief Information Officer
  • Kypros is a very talented task oriented proffesional. We co-operated in 3 projects the previous year and he was as usual above the standard expectations for a Digital Marketer. He has always the last update in knowledge, and he loves to provide smart solutions for any case and task. I hope to see our collaboration continues and I will wait for listening him susgesting the latest digital trends.
    Yannis Kyriakides
    Medusa Marketing - Co-Founder and Marketing Director

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I n one of the many books i have read over the years, i stumbled upon a quote from Albert Einstein, in which he described himself as "passionately curious". My thirst of knowledge and desire to research everything and find the best solution possible for each situation, is completely aligned with this quote.

Hi! i'm Kypros and i am passionately curious.

I love to dig into client problems and solve them with modern technology. Each time i meet a client to discuss their problem, i grab my iPad and start writing seemingly abstract and unrelated notes, that connect in my head in order to create a mental map to the solution of the particular problem. Each time it feels like i am Indiana Jones, embarking on a journey to find the Lost Ark.

I create and optimize web solutions that matter. To accomplish this, I try to read between the lines and focus on what the client really needs.


I have been working as a Digital Projects Manager for over 14 years

Through all these years i have been working in Digital Services, and I have managed numerous projects in a variety of fields such as Software Development (CRM, BMS), Web Development (Opensource and Proprietary CMS), Applications Development (Mobile and Web), Digital Marketing (Digital Ads, SEO, Social Media Strategy, Social Competitions, FanPages Management) etc. I have worked with a diverse pool of talent in terms of ethnicity, position and skills and have built teams that deliver.


M.A. in Management from the University of Wolverhampton

M.Sc. in Contemporary Electronics Technologies from the University of Ioannina

B.Sc. (Ptychion) in Physics from the University of Ioannina


Some of my acquired qualifications accross the Digital Marketing and Project Management fields



Since 2006 I have been cultivating my skils through various managerial positions. Some of these are:

    • This is the 1st bar50%
    • This is the 2nd bar30%
    • Project Management92%
    • Team Building87%
    • Troubleshooting88%
    • Problem Solving94%
    • Online Advertising89%


EQF Level 5 Professional Diplomas

  • > Leadership and Management
  • > Digital Marketing
  • > Social Media Marketing
  • > Web Development
  • > Web Design

Other Professional Diplomas

  • > Advanced Wordpress Development
  • > Blogging & Content Marketing
  • > Viral Marketing
  • > Mobile App Development
  • > Javascript For Wordpress Developers


Our team's experience is spherical and well demonstrated.

Digital Marketing

Web Development

Brand Building

Social Media

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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